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Here's what folks are saying about Rhythm Healer Drums.

Cindy Y.

I’ve been attending Eric’s monthly drum circles for over six years, and I’m happy to say that they continue to help me learn more about myself, communication, group dynamics and having fun! Eric is a wonderful facilitator for all experience levels. If you’ve never picked up a drum in your life, by the end you’ll know at least one rhythm. If you think you have no rhythm, he’ll help you understand that we ALL have innate rhythms and that they’re easy to tap into. He creates a fun, welcoming, judgement-free zone to experience our connections through music. I’ve also purchased several drums from Eric, and he’s my go-to guy when one of my drums needs a tuneup.

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Madeline O.

I first met up with Eric and Rythmn Healer at a drumming session in the Virginia Highlands. We all sat outside and I got to try out different drums. I didn't have my own drum yet. I found out about the monthly drum circles he facilitates and started going. It was such a wonderful feeling of community and not to mention the drum bath I received every time I went. I walked in stressed and walked out calm and joyous. I finally bought my own drum from Eric, he made a beautiful custom Ashiko drum. It goes with me near and far. I am so grateful to have a drum facilitor in the area who makes me always feel like a part of the family and I would recommend them to anyone. Come out to one of the circles and see for yourself. You will never regret it.

Tom B.

Eric's classes have been some of my favorite experiences at Drums In The Swamp. I don't normally do chakra work or reiki but his workshops reached me at a fundamental level that opened so many doors for me. No drumming experience is needed but if you are a drummer and a spiritual seeker, Eric's classes are a must and worth the price of the entire weekend.

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Crystal T.

The first time I went to one of Eric's drum circles was the first time I ever went to one period. I have never felt like I had rhythm, and it was totally out of my comfort zone. However, it kind of felt like the Motto is the gym I frequent: a no judgement zone. There was nobody telling me I was doing it "wrong" or "bad" or "please stop, you're messing up everyone's flow" or anything at all like that. It was welcoming, encouraging, uplifting, and SO MUCH FUN. I ended up just closing my eyes and totally got into it. I didn't care what I sounded like. I just felt it. I think that's the point really. It was SUCH a great experience! Drop any expectations, and jump out of your comfort zone and go!

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