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More testimonials are coming soon. Check back to see what people are saying about us.

Cindy Y. - I’ve been attending Eric’s monthly drum circles for over six years, and I’m happy to say that they continue to help me learn more about myself, communication, group dynamics and having fun! Eric is a wonderful facilitator for all experience levels. If you’ve never picked up a drum in your life, by the end you’ll know at least one rhythm. If you think you have no rhythm, he’ll help you understand that we ALL have innate rhythms and that they’re easy to tap into. He creates a fun, welcoming, judgement-free zone to experience our connections through music. I’ve also purchased several drums from Eric, and he’s my go-to guy when one of my drums needs a tune-up.

Corvin M. - Eric’s drum circles and classes were utterly delightful. I especially like the way he helps and encourages the shy newcomers to bloom with more experienced drummers.


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