Drum Healing

Drumming has always been a part of my life. When I found my Spiritual Path, I decided to get certified in the Usui Reiki system. Now, I combine Reiki and Drumming into a powerful tool for healing and facilitating positive change. A session could last anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours. It all depends on where Spirit leads me and what your energy needs.

Try out a session soon. Contact me for a quote.

Drum Circles

I have been leading Drum Circles for a few years now and have found that an organic approach is better than trying to get people to play a certain rhythm at a certain time. I love watching people tap into their rhythm and find their place within the greater conversation of the group as a whole. I approach a Drum Circle by setting an intention for the group to follow. Then, I start a rhythm and everyone there adds their piece to the rhythm. I find that people who have never touched a drum before become entrained into the group's rhythm and flow right along with everyone else. It's the intention that matters. 

Rates for Drum Circles vary by number of people expected and length of time for the event. Contact me for a quote. 

Intuitive Readings

When I am not working with my drums, I am working with my Spirit Guides.I did not expect this other realm of Connection to open up when I went through my first level Reiki attunement. However, I have been doing Intuitive Readings ever since. I use Tarot, Oracle Decks, our Spirit Guides, and intuition to deliver insight to issues you might be facing or will be facing soon. Sometimes, these readings go hand in hand with my drumming, but if you feel like the drumming will be too intense, these readings are just as insightful and healing as drumming.

Contact me for a quote.

Online or In-Person Workshops

I have developed a series of workshops that I call Drum With Your Inner God. In these workshops I teach how certain rhtyhms interact with our Chakras and how those rhythms can bring about positive change and heal us. I can teach these workshops online or offline and in person if requested.


During these workshops, I teach certain rhythms but I also teach how to play the drum. If you've never played a drum before, it can be an intimidating thing. I show you how to properly hit the drum, exercises for getting better hand speed, stretches to keep your arms and fingers limber, and how to care for the drum as well. 

Contact me for a quote. 

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