Drum Circle Facilitation

Corporate Events


Team-building Exercises

Deadlines approaching? Team morale a bit low? Give them an experience they will never forget. The name of the djembe drum comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose. Bring your Team together and watch them grow as a group simply by playing a drum.


Schools and Special Needs Groups


Youth Organizations

Treat your kids to a fun and interactive experience with a Drum Circle. Watch in amazement as they sit still so they can make Rhythms with drums, shakers, tambourines, and other musical instruments.                                         


Special Needs Groups


Drum Circles for Special Needs kids gives them an opportunity to express themselves in a unique way. They are playing their own Rhythms while connecting with the others around them. This is a truly amazing Circle event. Watch your group of kids transform as they experience their Rhythm together!





Bring Rhythm Healer Drums to your Festival and give those attending a chance to get their very own djembe or ashiko. People gravitate to the spontaneous drumming and dancing that can happen at the RHD Tent and the sounds energize them for the Festival's Drum Circles.




Along with a vending space, Rhythm Healer Eric Olson can hold workshops and classes at your Festival or Event. All skill levels are welcome in his workshops which can be tailored to your festival or event.


West African, American, Intentional Drumming


West African


Rhythm Healer Eric Olson is constantly learning new Rhythms from West African masters and has been able to bring those Rhythms and meanings behind them to his Drum Circles. His love for the culture of the drum is infectious!


American Style Drum Circle


Rhythm Healer Eric Olson is a graduate of the Arthur Hull Drum Circle Facilitator Program and a member of the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild. He brings that knowledge and passion to his Drum Circles. Experience the pulse of the Rhythm and flow into a Group Consciousness.

Intentional / Mindful Drumming


Discover your own Rhythm as you drum your intentions into being. Healing, Manifestation, Gratitude are examples of Intentions to play for and to realize. Intentional Drumming is a prayer to the Universe to bring about the change you desire.


Drum Products


Ivory Coast and Ghana Djembes


Rhythm Healer Drums offers amazing medium and large djembes from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Crafted with love and attention to details, these drums will make even the pickiest player happy. With two different sizes, you are sure to find the right fit for you.

Customized, One of a Kind Ashikos


All the Ashikos are made by hand and custom tailored to fit your needs. The color of the stain, rope, size, type of drum head, and fabric around the rings can be chosen ahead of time to create your perfect drum. Wood burning is also available. Make your Ashiko unique by adding special symbols or lettering.

Drum Healing


Group Sessions


Two yoga mats. Thirty plus drummers. One incredible experience. Lie on the yoga mat, feel the healing power of the drum flow around and through you channeled by Rhythm Healer Eric Olson and enhanced by all the other drummers in the Circle. Rhythms will shift and change guided by your unique energy.


One on One


This session is a more intimate setting. Rhythm Healer Eric Olson's full attention is on you and your energy. Your session combines drumming, conversation, intuitive card readings, and messages that you need to hear.


Intuitive Readings


If you feel that Drum Healing may be too intense for you, then choose the one on one session that is just you, Rhythm Healer Eric Olson, cards, Spirit Guides, and your ancestors.