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What's Your RHYTHM?

To truly discover your Rhythm, you need an instrument and Rhythm Healer Drums has you covered. As a REMO Endorsed Facilitator, REMO Drums and Accessories are my #1 choice for community drumming. Whether it be drumming for recreation, education, stress reduction, special needs, or with kids and the elderly, I choose REMO drums because they are lightweight, affordable, durable, sound great, and are easy to transport. I am proud to be endorsed by REMO, a company that is dedicated to wellness through rhythm. I would highly recommend a REMO Drum for consistent recreational use.


I do have a love and passion for building beautiful custom Ashiko drums. If you desire to own a handmade drum, made with great care (and I recommend treating with great care) I think you would love one of my Ashiko drums as part of your collection.

Djembe Drums

Our djembes are from The Ivory Coast and Ghana in West Africa and are available in a variety of sizes from small to large. Each drum is meticulously crafted by a skilled drum maker and have unique carvings. 

Ivory Coast Djembews_edited.jpg

Custom Ashikos

Each Ashiko is custom made by Eric and is available in a variety of colors. Be a part of a unique design experience by choosing your stain color, ropes, and fabric designs to create a truly one of a kind drum.

Ashiko Bags

Now that you have a brand new Ashiko, protect it with a hand made, one of a kind, heavy padded drum bag. These bags have shoulder straps to make transport comfortable and simple.


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